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Linux Consulting Services

Kernel development and device drivers: Need to add new features to the kernel or write device driver for hardware support for your project? We know the kernel!

Building embedded and realtime platforms: Looking to use Linux for your new embedded device? We can help you build the development and deployment environments you need to get your project of the ground. This includes boot loaders, toolchains, root filesystems. You name it. We'll do it!

Porting applications: We've ported numerous applications to Linux, at all levels of complexity, from systems ranging from NT to vxWorks. Let us show you how to eliminate your licensing costs and decrease your development effort.

Developer training: We've trained developer groups in everything from UNIX command line basics to kernel development and debugging and can customize a curriculum to your needs.

Advanced networking, storage management, and administration: Need some Linux wizardry in your datacenter? Let us show you how to make the most of Linux in your organization.

Over 10 years of Linux experience! We've been doing Linux development practically since the beginning and UNIX long before that. We know the operating system and the community inside and out.

Other Areas of Expertise

Scientific computing, image processing, and robotics: We've spent years developing state of the art mathematical modeling, visualization, machine vision, and motion control applications.

Network protocols and security: We've worked on the design and implementation of protocols from SSH and HTTP to HA and iSCSI.

Software design: We've got long experience with object-oriented design, rapid development, and languages like Lisp, Python, and Perl.

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